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Our firm has a practice emphasis in several areas of the law. When specialized expertise is needed, your lawyer has access to other attorneys within the firm to provide you with thorough and sound advice in a wide range of areas. In addition, our firm has the legal talent and experience to handle civil litigation matters in all areas indicated.


Formation of LLC or Inc

we can register your new company with the Division of Corporations, whether it is an Incorporated Company (INC)or Limited Liability Company). We can also prepare any amendments after the corporation is formed, such as adding or withdrawing a member, converting from an Inc to an LLC.


Application for Taxpayer Identification Number

once your company is registered, we can apply on your behalf to the Internal Revenue Service, for a Taxpayer Identification Number. You will need that as well as the documents you receive from the Division of Corporations to open a business checking account.

Business Contracts

we can prepare contracts for businesses, including, but not limited to, employment contracts, operating agreements for LLC’s, purchase of business contracts, sale of business contracts. Business lease contracts, partnership agreements, confidentiality agreements, exclusivity agreements, as well as others


Application for business license

we can help in preparing the application for the occupational license and other business licenses you may need


Business demand letters

sending demand letters to customers that have not paid your bills, to suppliers, to any other business associates.



Department of Revenue Registration

assisting in filing the required registration papers with the DOR.


Chargeback letters

we will provide an official legal letter to respond to your chargeback


Professional referrals

– referrals to CPA’S, realtors, title companies, merchant service providers (MSP’s), and other professional services



we will represent you in business negotiations for your business needs



represent you in business mediations.



applications for work visas for employees. This includes L1 intracompany transferees, E2 investment visas, 01 people of extraordinary abilities, R1 religious visas, and green cards through employment, such as EB1-EB5. This also applies for international workers from all over the world. (attorney fees will apply)



Family Law

preparation of paperwork for uncontested dissolution of marriage cases; in the event of attorney representation, the attorney will represent you in your uncontested divorce cases, or your contested dissolution of marriage case. We also assist with other family law cases such as modification of child support, a name change(adults and children), supplemental petitions for modification of parenting plans or marital settlement agreements, paternity cases, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as other family law issues. (attorney fees will apply)


we can assist in preparing or looking over leases between Landlords and tenants



we can help you prepare a will, so that you have a legal document whereby you specify what you bequeath to your loved ones, in the event of your death.

Debt negotiation and resolution

assisting you in negotiating to reduce your credit card debt.


– citizenship applications, extensions of tourist visas, adjustment of status applications, and so forth, for people from all over the world(attorney fees will apply)

Bankruptcy chapter 7

assisting in preparing all the documents necessary for the filing of chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Power of Attorney

drafting the power of attorneys for clients.

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