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Hi. I am attorney Galit Harel Bechor, in Hollywood Florida. I have been practicing immigration law for 15 years. I have helped people get their permanent residence through a family member petitioning for them, whether one spouse to another, children to parents, also green card through employment, whereby the petitioning company petitions for the employee, different non immigrant visas such as L1( Intercompany transfers), E2 (investment visas_, R1(religious based visas), K-1 (fiancé visas), O1(people of extraordinary ability- such as artists, entertainers), as well as other visas. We have helped many people acquire legal status in the United States, and will continue to help people. If you have any questions, need any assistance, we will be happy to answer your questions, guide you in the right direction, and help you achieve your goals. You can text us anytime or email, zoom consultations. we have Hebrew English and Russian speaking people available to answer your questions.

We know that these are difficult times now with the covid-19, and we will continue to be there for people needing immigration help. If you are on a b2 tourist visa and cannot go back to your country now, and your stay here is about to expire soon on your I-94, you still need to file for the extension of your stay. Immigration is very considerate to those filing for extensions, they understand that it is a basis for requesting an extension, but don’t just do nothing. If you don’t file for extension and just stay here you are opening yourself up to being unlawfully here and inadmissible. Immigration is understanding when you do things the right way, so if you need to, have your status extended so that you will have a peace of mind. We can help you with this.

This is an election year. That means that they usually push applications for naturalization(citizenship) quicker than usual. If you qualify to file for citizenship, don’t wait, file the application and become a citizen so that this year you can vote in the US elections. We can help you in achieving this goal

I have been working with clients all over the United States when it comes to immigration cases. We have clients as far as Hawaii. We have clients in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Connecticut, as well as many other states. Distance is not a problem, there are many ways to work with clients in other states and other countries, including phone calls, emails, skype, zoom, as well as other ways.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, or have been served with divorce papers, don’t despair. We know that this is a difficult time, but you will get through it. We do simple uncontested divorces, as well as contested divorces, with minor children and property. You should not be doing this on your own. We will be happy to answer questions you have, and help you in your divorce process. Most importantly, WE LISTEN TO YOU.

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Galit Harel Bechor P.A has a diverse clientele which includes individuals in almost all trades and professions, including but not limited to: business leaders, corporate owners, members of limited liability companies and members and shareholders of corporations, commercial tenants, commercial landlords, real estate developers, real estate brokers, engineers, architects, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, podiatrists, police, firemen, teachers, electricians, plumbers, home re-modelers, contractors, laborers, roofers, painters, loan officers, surveyors, investors, accountants, attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, office workers, administrative staff, computer programmers, systems administrators, managers, childcare workers, sales persons, retail sales persons, sales managers, cashiers, food service managers, social workers, carpet installers, builders, construction managers, financial planners, bank officers, top executives, appraisers, claims adjustors, investigators, travel agents, pharmacists, medical personnel, cosmetologists, shorthand reporters, auto mechanics, truck drivers, funeral directors, clergy as well as many retirees.

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We are dedicated to clients and committed to our community.

Galit Harel Bechor P.A

Galit Harel Bechor P.A

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Mira Polishuk

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Arik Trysker

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